• developed since 1999 by Comsultia
  • since 2006 Open Source
  • used by most popular TV channel in Slovakia
  • administration interface using XUL GUI
  • SOAP calls as interface between GUI and Cyclone3 server
  • URL modeling
  • data kept away from structure or design
  • build in ISO Open Document and DocBook format imports/exports
  • Pod -> DocBook -> XHTML transformations
  • advanced run time exception notification
  • video encoding, streaming => serving
  • fine grade ACL
  • build for cluster solutions
  • multi-lingual
  • commercial support

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Development highlights

  • Full Unicode Support (database, publishing, configuration)
  • multi level caching (memcached)
  • CMS applications are prefixed and organized by numbers (fast and easy navigation)
  • domains and sub domains + root paths of them organized via folder structure (one installation for multiple domains)
  • domains and subdomains + root paths setting inheritance
  • SQL logging with replay for backward analyzing and tuning
  • scheduled pre-caching
  • scheduled (to post phone) SQL queries
  • suggesting database schema ALTER TABLE commands based on current database and schema definition in .sql file
  • SVG to plot graphs
  • clever image cropping (with face detection)

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